Taper Lock Pulley

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Rajendra Pulley provides pulleys which are critical and important components of power transmission. It helps in transfer the power. We do have variety of pulleys like like V-Belt Pulley, Timing Pulley, Taper lock Pulley, Chain Pulley etc.

We do have variety of Taper lock pulley apart for your easy fickleness of pulleys with minimum maintenance cost to your product. We do range of taper lock pulley starting from A,B & C

We offer an wide range of Taper Lock Pulleys having excellent lubrication and easily withstand the excessive wear and tear. Easy to install and use, these taper lock pulleys can also be made as per the client's requirements.
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Our wide range of pulleys includes:

* Timing belt & pulley
* V-Belt pulley
* Flat pulley
* Taper lock pulley

Salient Features of Taper Lock Pulleys :-
  • Dual Duty grooves to perfectly match Classical V and Spacesaver Wedge belts
  • Standard range caters to drives up to 200 Kw with speed ratio upto 1:7
  • Shelf to shaft 'Taper Lock' bushes
  • Over 470 standard sizes to cater to wide range of requirements
  • Custom-built large pulleys in solid or split construction for higher
  • Power Transmission

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